Killing Gravity is trying to build something different..

I wanted to publish some info about our philosophy and ‘company culture’ I guess you could call it. We’re NOT about SELLING as much stuff as humanly possible to leverage people working their brains out so ONE person can become a multi multi billionaire. Do you happen to know gym brands currently doing that? I’m sure you do.

We value ethics, morals, character and empathy. Our primary company focus is to Assist, Promote and Educate. We use a hands on approach to Assist people & athletes anywhere and anytime (we’ve been doing that LOOOONG before Killing Gravity even existed 😉) We promote people, events and sports!!! We educate athletes and help them become the best they can by using our many decades of experience. Our brand is about pushing your limits with your training and enjoying the thrill of competition…along with lifting others UP.

We know our company is Nothing without the support of people like you!! ❤️ Our goal is to build a company that is not only driven to help athletes but also take care of all the employees that work for Killing Gravity and give back to the community. What IF….everybody felt like they had input, felt like they were valued and actually benefitted from their production? That’s our philosophy. (I’ve had countless jobs where I was just ‘another number’). We feel profits should go to help ALL the people who work the day to day operations. Our goal is to NOT make a CEO obscenely rich but to have a massive impact on as many people as possible!

I want to see how much good we can do because that’s what makes us Happy 😄 We all know the world desperately needs some empathy right now.

Please help spread the word!! With you, we can build something different..

Peace  ✌ ☮

 Tammy – Founder of Killing Gravity