What is “Killing Gravity”???

The science behind the name.  It was born a few years ago while we were training at the gym.  When we are lifting weights (or doing MANY different sports) we’re actually in a constant battle with Gravity.  Hence the phrase “Killing Gravity”!

Who is the “Killing Gravity” Krew???

Our philosophy has always been to train hard to be the best athletes and role models we can be  for our two kids and others in our community.  We have been mentors and coaches for everything from little league softball, football, wrestling and lacrosse, to volunteering our time at a local high school to help with their strength and conditioning program.  We’ve been training for team sports and events for a life time, just like you.  We grew tired of wearing the same old stuff designed by people in board rooms.  We decided to create a line that was By Athletes For Athletes.  No stuffy office meetings here!  Our office is the gym, football field, volleyball court, snowboarding, bike trails, the great outdoors, basically, any place where we’re “Killing Gravity”.  This is where the real work happens, where Super Humans are made!

What makes “Killing Gravity” ‘Gear’ special???

If we won’t wear it why would you?  That is why we are very particular about the gear we produce from the fabric…to the cut…to the printing process.  Every item has our direct input from field experience; by athletes for athletes!