About Us

A little bit about the Founder

Just a life long athlete who LOVES to lift weights and compete in sports. I was once a manager at a Nutrition store but now I’m working as an Arborist (I sold FIRE TRUCKS also :D). I’ve trained for powerlifting, X-fit, bodybuilding, triathlons and tree climbing competitions. I’m always eager to tackle new adventures. 

Nearly all athletic brands have been founded by males so I thought why not have a FEMALE founded HARDCORE training brand? This is Definitely NOT your ‘sip on your coffee while you take selfies in the gym doing 5lb curls’ type of brand. I lift to get Stronger and Faster every time I train  I know there are COUNTLESS other people who feel the same way. I welcome you to the KG Krew!

I love to share my knowledge and encourage others to be Their Best! I’m Everybody’s biggest cheerleader! Feel free to say Hi anytime 🙂 

Please share with your Friends and Family! We’re working hard to bring some Awesome Gym Gear/Apparel. 


Best Regards,
Tammy Trepins – Founder